When Can Baby Sit On A High : Chair Combi Special

Feeding times can be demanding and messy, especially when your baby is starting to move a lot more.

That’s why a high chair makes it to our top 5 essential item list. Not only because the right high chair can make mealtimes less of a struggle, but the life span of high chairs is also generally longer than other baby products.

The next big question is… when is your baby ready to sit on a high chair?

But before moving on, safety first! Here are high chair safety precautions all parents need to know.

When Can Baby Sit On A High : Chair Combi Special

Baby High Chair Safety Tips

Baby High Chair

The above is a general outline of safety tips and is not exhaustive. It is crucial to check with the relevant parties and do your research before making a choice.

Now, returning to the main question, how to tell if your baby is ready to sit on a high chair?

It depends.

High chairs are mainly used during meal times when babies are starting on solids. However, there are many different high chairs out there to cater to certain ages and uses.

There is no fixed rule on the perfect time to introduce a high chair to your baby. When to introduce a high chair depends on the type of high chair you are planning to buy and the age and development of your baby.

For example, the use of a reclining high chair is different from an upright high chair.

Upright High Chair vs Reclining Baby High Chair

The upright high chair is a raised chair that allows your baby to sit at your level. If your baby is sitting up well in an upright position and show stability, it’s a sign that you can slowly transition them into an upright high chair. If you are uncertain, please check with your baby’s doctor.

Reclining types of high chairs usually come with adjustable heights and positions to grow with your baby. Hence, the reclining high chair can be used when babies are as early as a few weeks old.

However, the recline position is only for your baby to take a nap or hang out in. The recline position is not safe and not meant for feeding your baby solid food.

Baby High Chair

Still confused? We weigh the pros and cons of these two high chairs.

Baby High Chair

Choosing A High Chair For You And Your Family

How much help do you have at home? Are you the sole caregiver of your baby in the day? These are questions to ponder before buying a high chair.

If you have little help at home, it may be wise to invest in one that has multiple functions early on. The Combi high chair, also known as JOY parenting station fits the bill.

A ‘mini-station’ for parents equipped with 4-in-1 multipurpose use, its innovative design allows you to watch your baby play happily in their high chair while you go about doing your daily chores.

Combi high chair is packed with a list of smart and thoughtful functions.

Putting the JOY in Parenting: Combi High Chair Top 12 Features

Baby High Chair

1.Multifunctional,use Combi high chair as baby’s day bed,diaper change table,swinging bed, play chair or high chair

2.Help baby to sleep with Combi Manual Swing, clinically designed to soothe baby to sleep

3.Able to accommodate a taller child with the 5 adjustable seat heights(if you have an older kid, double win!)

4.Smart simple usage,grooves to allow easy adjustments to the backrest,with a push of a button,locking it in place

5.Able to grow with the baby with the 5 adjustable backrest angles and 3 adjustable food/activities tray

6.One-touch 5-point seat belt ensures safety

7.Box-shaped design makes baby feel safe

8.Easy to wash and clean, reversible and machine washable seat cushion

9.Silent rubber wheels that can be locked and don’t damage floors

10.Easy storage, only 36 cm folded height

11.Toy bar to keep infants curious and engaged

12.Designed for newborn to approximate 4 years (can hold up to 18kg)

Finding The Best High Chair For Baby

There is no hard and fast rule when your baby is ready for a high chair. It all depends on your baby’s age, your needs, how much help you have at home, and your lifestyle. These will affect the kind of high chair you need.

As parents, our to-do list never seems to end. We are constantly multitasking and on the move, ensuring our babies’ needs are met. Things can get hectic and chaotic at times, but help is always there when you know where to look.

Combi: Your Extra Helping Hands

Baby High Chair

For over 60 years, Combi commits to be your helping hands from home to public spaces. The heart of caring and the attention to detail is in the blood of Combi’s culture.

No matter where you are when you need a hand, Combi is with you.

Where to find Combi high chair: Online at Lazada or Shopee.

For more information on Combi products, visit Combi Singapore Facebook or www.combi.com.sg.

Founded in 1957, Combi has been manufacturing baby products for over 60 years. Combi’s mission is to be your helping hands, assisting parents in bringing up their babies by developing and providing quality products and services.

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By Michelle Ang.